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  • Hot Sales of FULU Brand EV !
  • Hot Sales of FULU Brand EV !
  • 冬天是低速电动车的销售旺季,对于富路而言更是如此——每年冬天都很火,今年销量尤其多。今年富路推出了多款爆品车型,例如富路·美客,富路·乐途,富路·乐驰,富路·快乐星等等,每一款都各具特色。进入销售旺季后,每天都订单满满,简直是火到没朋友。

    Winter is a hot sales season of low speed ev,  specially for FULU.  Every winter especially this year. Depending on new models and different features,  orders from all over China makes everyday busy for FULU people.

    Dozens of transportation trucks loading with FULU EV everyday shows the hot sales and big order

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    Even though, hundreds of stock units waiting for transport in delivery area.

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    Among these models, FULU MEIKE becomes the best sale,  quantity over 10000units within only half a year.

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    Behind the hot sales of FULU ev, FULU people paid their sweat and effort.

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    Focus on every little details even busy and nervous

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